Tato akce již proběhla. Další akce Czech Internet Forum 2021 se koná 12. 10. 2021.


Czech Internet Forum is one of the biggest conferences about Czech internet. We will guide you through the most important trends, experiences and stories that define a current development of Czech online world.

10th year of Czech Internet Forum brought:

  • 3 program streams
  • 40 + speakers
  • 3 halls
  • 400 delegates

The most important event for:

  • Mediahouses
  • Media agencies
  • Marketers of all kinds
  • Representatives of e-commerce
  • All those whose businesses are „connected“.

Main topics of last year’s edition:

  • Internet advertising
  • Trends and future of on-line media
  • Media content
  • Media and mobile technologies

Czech Internet Forum 2015 is one of the few events where you can meet almost all people from the Czech Online. Pavel Krbec, New Media Director, CET 21